Agárdi Medical and Thermal Bath

The Agardi Medicinal and Thermal Bath is a health-island situated in Agárdt.

The water is 58 Co alkaline, hydrocarbonated, chloride, sulphate, calcium and fluorinated medicinal water from 1000 m deep.

It is recommended for easing rheumatic complaints, abrasions, musculoskeletal disorders, certain gynecological disorders and surgical pains. Therapy for grandparents, wellness and sauna for parents, fun and laughter with multi-location playgrounds for kids.


In a 9 hectare area, there is an open-air THERMAL pool with a 300 m² water surface, which is waiting for the guests in all year! The thermal pool with its seating compartments is free from experience elements, and offers perfect relaxation all year round. In the summer months, the pool is sorrunded with exclusive sunbeds, which are located right next to the pool, in privileged spots (sunboxes are available at an extra price).


The family experience pool with a water surface of 450 m² guarantees fun for all generations. For babies with a various depth (0 to 30 cm water depth), “weltering pool” is made, the small children have a 30 cm shallow pool, and the larger ones have a 60 cm children’s pool, with a small cave attached to it, with a waterfall curtain. In the pools, there are various adventure elements, water slide, water pine tree, “bucket game” and balloon slide. For adults, a 90 cm and 119 cm water depth pool was built to pamper their body with the following experience elements: seat pads and beds, massage elements, water curtains, giant neck shower and four water jets. The wave slides and the twister are in the deeper part of the pool. Water bar is the integrated part of the pool, which offers a special experience for people who wants to be refreshed. The family adventure pool is seasonal, opened only in the summer season (details can be found in the “Opening” menu).


The indoor thermal pool with 320 m² water surface and underwater seats is free of experience elements, and is available to all those who want relaxation and regeneration all year round. The thermal water is rich in minerals, and is cooled down from 58 ° C to 36 ° C , it is very suitable for the treatment and cure of musculo-skeletal disorders, rheumatic complaints and gynecological problems.


The unique dome experience pool was built at the end of the 1980s, and was transformed in 2007 and has since let the whole family to enjoy the unforgettable relaxation. For the parents, a 180m² water suface guarantees a real refreshing experience with standing and lying massage elements, with water jets and geysers. A water slide with 0.5m water depths and a game of fun with mushroom cascade, ensures that the children can enjoy the fun in the water as well. The pool is open all year round for families wishing to relax.


From the indoor family adventure pool, the calmness of the bath is within reach. The sauna garden offers a variety of temperature-controlled Finnish, infra-, lavender- and steam cabins, a plunge pool and a Mediterranean-style indoor and outdoor relaxation room ensuring the relaxation of our guests, and also a 6-person Jacuzzi can be foud in the outdoor area. For lovers of saunas we have special sauna sessions.


Right next to the indoor family adventure pool there is a special indoor playground, which is open all year round, can be used free of charge, and guarantees 30m² of unspoiled entertainment for the smaller ones.


In 900 hectares with beautiful green surroundings, there is a real child paradise: there is an interactive playground with rubber surface suitable for all ages in nearly 500m² area. Here, every child finds fun from babies to teenagers.

Sunlight Buffet

We are looking forward to welcome you in our buffet in the Agárd bath.

  • Wide selection of sandwiches
  • Cakes
  • Snacks
  • We accept SZÉP card
  • Information: +36-30/217-0868

Grill bar

Oázis Grill and Salad bar is waiting for you in the Agárdi Medicinal and Thermal Bath!

We are waiting for you in our self-service restaurant with fresh fried, grilled and Hungarian dishes, salads and home-made tastes.

  • Group discounts are available at individual agreement.
  • We accept SZÉP card!
  • Information: +36 30/ 217-0868.


Slippers, swimsuits, toys, bathrobes and all bath accessories …

Triumph, Origami, Elastic, Paloma and Budmil swimsuits: bikinis, tankinies, one-piece swimsuits!

We also welcome our male customers with our new Nike, Adidas, Arena and Speedo collections.

Coctail bar

Our selection:

  • Coffee, coffee specialties
  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Agárdi palinka
  • Tapped beers
  • Shots
  • Cocktails, smoothies
  • Ice-cream, desserts

We welcome our dear guests!

Szilvia Massage

The Szilvia massage welcomes you every day!


  • 15-minute massage: 1.900 Ft
  • 30-minute massage: 3.800 Ft
  • 50-minute massage: 5.300 Ft

Bella Casa beauty salon

Bella Casa Beauty Salon is waiting for you in the Agárdi Medicinal and Thermal Bath with its many services.


  • Cosmetics
  • Hairdressing
  • Pedicure manicure
  • Nails
  • Solarium



Weight bath

As a result of the aging process, the gap decreases in the joints, so the joint surfaces are closer to each other, causing painful abrasion.

During the treatment of the weight bath, the joints are “dissected” so that the joint surfaces are removed from each other, reducing the complaints. Because the traction is carried out in water, it provides a pleasurable experience on the one hand, and on the other hand it lessens the treated parts of the body. The weight bath is made in medicinal water, so during a treatment we can enjoy the benefits of both the weight bath and the medicinal water. During treatment, the patient is suspended in the water under his/her neck and arm. Due to the weight of the body as well as the pulling force of the water, longitudinal elongation in the spine is created, releasing the compressed nerve fibers, reducing the pressure on the discs, so that the disc and the protuberances can be effectively cured. The lock of the joints, the shrinkage of the muscles and the tendons can be cured by this method, as well as the rehabilitation can be successful after some muscle, tendon or joint surgeries. The use of weights increases the efficiency of the procedure, but it does not burden the patient due to the buoyancy of the water.
It is contra-indicated for acute inflammation of the joints, osteoporosis, and post-operative 6 weeks after spinal stabilization surgery.

Medical therapeutic massage

Massage improves the blood supply of muscles, tissues, increases metabolism, accelerates the delivery of roughage.

The muscles relax and the feeling of tiredness decreases. It has a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system, a feeling of well-being develops.

Massage Indications:

– orthopedic and chronic locomotor disorders
– rheumatic changes
– post-operative rehabilitation

Carbonated Bath

As a result of this treatment, the superficial veins expand, resulting in increased blood flow to the skin and in muscles. By increasing the blood flow, it changes the body’s blood distribution, which reduces the heart’s load and thus improves its own blood supply.

Reduces systolic blood pressure. It can have a good effect on chronic venous diseases, as it has a beneficial effect on venous capacity and venous backflow.

Underwater water jets (tangentor)

The patient is immersed in body-temperature or hotter water. The operator uses a jet of water to massage the body surface: it stimulates muscles and tissues that improve blood flow and increase the metabolism.

Tangentor treatment relaxes the tense abdominal and connective tissues and improves peripheral blood and lymph circulation. It relaxes tight muscles, can be used for joint injuries, post-operative and condition correction.

Underwater group gymnastics

Compared to the normal gymnastics, its great advantage that the lifting force of the water greatly reduces the stresses of the joints.

The hydrostatic pressure of the water and the fact that it completely surrounds the joints, thereby consolidating them, relieving the muscles and tendons. So exercises are easier to do in the water and the patient can perform exercises that he/she would not be able to do on the ground. It gives the patient a sense of success, the patient gets his/her vim back, the patient gains strength of will to fight and handle the disease.

It can be used successfully for any disease where it is difficult and painful to move. Excellent for muscle and joint maintenance and regeneration.

Moving the locked joints in the water is easier and painless!

On weekdays, physiotherapists coordinate the sessions for those arriving by a referral. On weekends, only therapeutic group water gymnastics are performed, with the lead of a physiotherapist.

The underwater group gymnastics is held in the horseshoe-shaped, covered medical physiotherapy pool.

Mud packs

The healing power of sludge was already known and applied in antiquity. In our bath we use sludge from Hévíz in the form of a pack, it is a sulphur and radium containing peat sludge.

The warming effect of the sludge is similar to the thermal water, but it is more intense. The heat expands the blood vessels, accelerates the circulation, which leads to the acceleration of metabolism, which helps and accelerates the cleansing of harmful substances and crystals in the joints. Sludge treatment therefore plays an important role in detoxification processes as well. Another important ingredient of herbal remedy is the absorption of minerals.

It is used mainly for degenerative, obstructive musculoskeletal problems and rehabilitation after injuries and after surgery, and it also relieves muscle spasms.

However, in the case of chronic inflammatory joint diseases, mud packs can only be used when the patient’s joints are not inflamed.

A layer of 1-2 cm thick sludge cooled down to 40-42 ° C is placed on the body part to be treated and it is covered with plastic foil and warm blanket. After treatment, 30 minutes of relaxation is recommended, during the rest period it is not recommended to take a sauna or to take bath in medicinal water.


Treatments are available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8:00 and 16:00.

To get the treatments:

  • a specialist recruitment is required
  • arrange a therapy session in person
  • wear dry swimsuit (not in wet clothing)
  • do not wear watches, jewels

The following treatments can be received in physiotherapy:

  • Diadinamic
  • Interference
  • Kowalschik galvan
  • Microwave
  • Sonoforesis
  • Iontophoresis
  • Stable galvan
  • TENS
  • Ultrasound
  • Underwater ultrasound for limbs only: hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles
  • Group and individual dry gymnastics

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