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Borbála Spa in Algyő is located halfway between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely.

It takes just a 15-minute drive from both of these cities to get there and this is a quiet spa liked by many due to its location, the pleasant environment and its family-friendliness.

The spa has been welcoming its guests since 2007 and they can either chill in the spa or do some sports.

Our swimming pool is perfectly suitable for a refreshing morning swim or a relaxing evening swim after a tiresome workday. You can exclude the environment and just enjoy yourself in our bathing pool with wellness and massage functions. In our outdoor pool with medicinal water you can both chill and heal: you may find the cure here for your pain.

The baby pool runs with baby-friendly water and it might be the perfect location for children for playing and for toddlers for a carefree dabble as your biggest delight is to watch your children laughing.

Our colleagues’ aim is to ensure that you find the chilling, the sports and the healing in our spa.

Jump into the experience in our spa! We are looking forward to welcome you and your family so that you can spend an unforgettable day full of joy in our spa!


Outdoor pool with medicinal water:

  • You can experience the healing effect of the thermal water of Algyő in the outdoor pool that gives you the feeling of freedom where you can enjoy recovery in a calm environment.
  • Our medicinal water has a favourable effect to the degenerative diseases of the knees and the spine, furthermore it can be successfully applied in the treatment of (sports) injuries. 12 water-operated entertainment elements can be found in the water, so besides healing, our guests can enjoy the favourable effects of these as well.
  • Temperature of the water:  36-38 c°
  • You may stay in the water for up to 30 minutes but it is not advisable beyond this time period due to its high temperature and the mineral content
  • Contraindication: the water is not advisable for those with acute or chronic heart and coronary diseases, malignant tumour, infectious diseases, severe high blood pleasure (not responding to therapies) or for pregnant women!

Sitting pool:

  • Would you like to enjoy a good conversation while you are chilling and taking a rest? Our sitting pool is perfect for this!

Round-shaped water-circulating pool with thermal water that is the perfect spot for friends to talk through all the topics that matter in life. Water temperature: 38-39 °C Water depth: 90 cm

Adventure pool:

  • In our pool full with arcs and different entertainment elements you can chill while you exclude the world or it is also perfect for the fun of the whole family.This is our most popular pool, here both children and grown-ups can enjoy themselves and at the same time those looking for some rest can also relax here. Many people are interested in the different entertainment elements and water jets that might be the solution for back and neck pain. Water temperature: 35-36°C It is an evenly deepening pool, water depth: 80-100 cm.

A legnépszerűbb medencénk, itt kicsik és nagyok is megtalálják maguknak a szórakozási lehetőséget, viszont a pihenésre vágyók is ellazulhatnak benne. Élményelemei és vízsugarai nagy érdeklődésre tesznek szert, fájós hátra, nyakra is megoldás lehet. A víz hőfoka: 35-36°C Egyenletesen mélyülő medence, mélysége 80-100 cm.

Baby pool:

  • This is the greatest joy for the smallest ones!

There is nothing more beautiful than the laughing children, while they play and dabble, right? This pool is all about this, about the loud laughter of the children. They can play carefree in a safe way in this pool as the pool runs with baby-friendly water and the water depth is also only 35-40 cm, with even deepening. Water depth: 35-40 cm Water temperature: 33 °C

Training pool:

  •  If you wish to enjoy a refreshing swim then this pool is the right choice for you.

It is a deck-level swimming pool with recirculation, ideal for a refreshing swim before work or if you want to enjoy a relaxing swim after work. Swimming requires the movements of all of your muscle groups, it has a refreshing effect to the human body and you can also burn calories with it. Length: 20m, Width: 10m Water depth: 110 cm – 170 cm Water temperature: 28-28,5 °C

Our guests can try out a lot of novelties in our sauna world. But do not forget about the chilling and the frequently mentioned fluid intake. Use the comfortable furniture of the sauna department, listen to the relaxing music, walk to the fresh air after drying yourself and forget about the everyday problems as this is the purpose of the extended sauna section of the Borbála Spa, so that our guests can enjoy the time spent here and they can leave with new energy.

Finnish Sauna house 

For up to 15 people
Temperature: 90 – 95 °C
Time to be spent in the cabin: 12-15 minutes / round

What effects does it have to our bodies?

The Finnish saunas provide you with the original sauna experience. The low humidity and the high temperature ensure the sweating.
• stimulating the metabolism, detoxing
• skin cleansing and immune system strengthening
• correcting the low and slightly high blood pressure
• releasing the muscle contracture, stiffness and the muscle fatigue
• stress releasing, relaxing
• protection against infections
• applicable in the cases of chronic bronchitis or asthma
Aroma therapy: The evaporation of the aroma oil has a smoothing, yet stimulating, relaxant, germicide effect for the body and the soul. Lots of symptoms can be mitigated with this method, for example: stress symptoms, skin irregularities, anxiety and migraine.
You should enter the sauna with dry skin for the perfect sweating. The process shall be divided into 15-minute rounds and after each quarter of an hour you need to take a shower in cold water or dip into the pool.
It is important to take care of the proper fluid intake.


Infra Sauna

For up to 8 people
Temperature: 45-50 °C
Time to be spent in the cabin: 40-50 minutes / round

Why is infra sauna the better one?

The infra sauna works in a different way than the Finish one. Here the infra beam can enter the body into a depth of 1 cm under the skin and this way it dissolves the  unnecessary and poisonous materials then helps them leave the body through the sweat glands.

It is customary at the beauty parlours that cellulitis is treated in infra saunas as this removes cellulitis as the light  enters the skin at least three times the depth as other treatments, therefore this is the most effective method.

During 30 minutes of infra sauna treatment ca. 600-800 calories might be burned and we do not even have to do sports for this! Studies showed that the human body burns almost the same amount of calories here as during active sporting.

There are only good effects, so let’s go to the infra sauna!

Steam cabin

For up to 8 people
Temperature: 45 – 50 °C
Time to be spent in the cabin: 12-15 minutes/round

The steam cabin is especially recommended for the cure of several health conditions and diseases thanks to its high steam content and the general effects of the wet heat.
• lung asthma,
• chest cold, bronchitis of the upper respiratory tract,
• coughing,  wet coughing,
• not severe rheumatics and the limited or painful movements of the joints.
In the steam cabins the wet and warm air surrounds our bodies, soothes our nerves, cleans our air-passages, stimulates our blood circulation and vitalizes our skin. The steam cabin does not only provide relaxation and charges people with energy but also has a good effect on health and beauty as well.

Finnish sauna with light and aroma therapy

For up to 15 people
Temperature: 90 – 95 °C
Time to be spent in the cabin: 12-15 minutes / round

Light therapy:
The light has healing power as the body is able to activate its self-healing powers with the its help. Every colour has its own biological effect; the different colours have different effect on our bodies and mood.
Blue: the blue colour has a soothing, relaxing effect to our nervous system. It slows down the blood circulations, thus restores the blood pressure to the normal values. It helps overcoming the sleeping disorders and anxiety. Its effect creates balance and harmony.
Green: the colour of the nature. Relaxing but at the same time inspiring, helps you escape the world and regenerates you. It has positive effects on the lungs, the skin, migraine and muscle inflammation.
It contributes to the stabilising of the emotional status.
Yellow: the colour of the sun, supports the positive thinking, improves the general well-being, strengthens the nervous system and relieves the symptoms of depression. Makes you want to do exercises, be active both in mental and physical ways. Not recommended for too nervous people or people who are sensitive to stress!
Red: the colour of love and passion, it is connected to fire and warmth. The red is the colour of vitality and it also stimulates the blood circulation. It has a good effect for the heart, helps the digestion, tones the muscles.
It causes strong and intensive emotions.

Shower from a bin

Using the shower is very popular with the guests using the traditional Finnish sauna.
In this type of shower the cold water content of a wooden bin is poured over the guest.

Tropical or rain shower:

A large volume of water is poured over us from the top of the shower cabin through a shower head with large diameter (25 – 30 cm). The temperature of the water is usually pleasant warm, not cold and not hot.

Ice machine:

The ice machine is a special device mounted on the wall. It continuously pours mush-ice to the dip pool lying under it. You should scrub the mush-ice on your skin and it stimulates our blood circulation, it has a pleasant and refreshing effect to our bodies and also a pain-killer effect.

Dip pool:
The dip pool is filled with ice-cold water. It is recommended during or after the use of the Finnish sauna or another sudatory bath. The cold water dip pool stimulates the blood circulation, contracts the pores of the skin and makes the skin more flexible.

Dip pool with tempered water:
This pool is filled up from separate cold and hot water taps. The water with different temperature form layers. It is very pleasant to sit in this one after an intense sweating, after taking a shower and dipping into ice cold water and to relax, enjoy the freshness of the air.


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