Csillaghegyi Bath and Swimming Pool


Csillaghegy Árpád Bath is one of the oldest open-air bath in Budapest. It started operation as early as the second half of the 19th century and the outdoor part has been operating in its present form since 2000. The open-air bath is built into the hillside in a terraced manner. The swimming and beach pools are o­n the first level, while the children’s pool and the sun-bathing area are located uphill. The site converted into a park exceeding 90,000 m2. There is a restaurant, as well, beside the heated leisure pool. The leisure pool and the children’s pool equipped with up-to-date water-filtering and circulation systems in 2000.

In 2018 the bath was expanded with a covered unit with 12 pools.

Number of pools: 15
Park area: 90 468 nm

Public transportation: by suburban light train (HÉV) and by bus route 42.
The open-air bath and swimming pool is located in Csillaghegy, in the 3rd district of Budapest.

Water Composition

Natural mineral water with calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate.

Contact: csillaghegy@spabudapest.hu

Prices: http://en.csillaghegyifurdo.hu/prices

Photos by: http://www.csillaghegyifurdo.hu/galeria

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