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Healing water

In the pools that are filled with the excellent medical water of Sárvár, the silky water percolates the body and the soul, making one to forget the everyday worries and curing the aching joints and rheumatic complaints.
The small springs, the shoulder massagers and the drift corridors (lazy river) of the adventure pool offer an excellent opportunity for relaxation. 

Pools operating throughout the whole year at the spa wing:

– partly covered adventure pool (32-34 oC)
– indoor thermal water pool (35-37 oC)
– indoor thermal water adventure pool (36-38 oC)
– partly covered thermal water pool (34-36 oC)

Healing waters from Sárvár:

The most important attraction of Sárvár is undoubtedly its two completely different types of healing water, which served as a base for the current development of the town.
In the Sárvár area, one of the healing waters springs from a depth of 1200 meters and reaches a temperature of 43 °C, while the other one originates from a depth of 2000 meters, reaching a much higher temperature of 83 °C and it has a very high salt content.

Very important components of the 83 °C thermal water are sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonates, iodine, bromide, flour and several other trace elements. The famous Sárvár Thermal Crystal was produced from this medical water through the process of evaporation. A salty bath can be efficiently used for certain locomotive disorders, gynecological and dermatological diseases. It has been known for decades that the medical thermal water has a favorable impact on the treatment of prolonged abdomen sufferings and various chronic gynecological inflammatory illnesses.

The 43 °C alkali medical water mainly contains sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonates and trace elements; however it is clean of sulfur and radon. It is exceptionally suitable for the medical treatment of locomotive disorders and can be applied to cures during the rehabilitation process. In addition to this the medical water can be used for the follow-up treatment of sport injuries, neurological complaints and for muscle relaxing baths.

The pools of the medical bath are filled with alkaline hydrogen carbonate medical water, which is mainly used to treat the following disorders:
  • Chronic degenerative spine and joint complaints
  • Chronic phases of inflammatory locomotive diseases
  • Soft tissue rheumatism
  • Muscle cramp (the reduction of)
  • Muscle bruising and the wearing out of joints caused by jolts and jerks
  • Follow-up treatment of sport injuries
  • Follow-up treatment of accidents
  • Neurological illnesses as well as the conditions after neurosurgical operations
  • Postoperative treatment after orthopaedic and rheumatic operations
  • Chronic gynaecological inflammatory diseases and certain types of infertility
  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Chronic diseases of the respiratory system
  • Follow-up treatment of the severe inflammation of air passages
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Severe heart, circulation and breathing disorders
  • Incontinence
  • Feverish, infectious diseases
  • Malignant tumors
  • Diseases which result in severe inflammation
  • Tuberculosis
  • Thrombosis, severe cases of varicose veins
  • Pregnancy
In the pools that are filled with medical water the recommended length of stay is 20 minutes.

Family Spa

Everyone can make up his choice among the slides with different slopes and sizes and among the family and children pools. This building with the size of 5000 m2 resembles an antique amphitheater and recalls the idyllic feeling of the South-Pacific, providing a wide range of adventures:
  • swimming pool with artificial waves
  • baby pool full of baby toys and baby slide,
  • a giant jacuzzi is located just next to the babies’ pool so parents can keep an eye on their youngest
  • kids’ pool with slides, aqua canons and sprinkle gate
  • broad family slide* – fun for the family
  • green tube slide*, not only for children
  • 3 giant slides* both indoor and outdoor, winding around the building
  • playing hall with nursery-school teachers, the supervision of children is free of charge
  • babies-world: baby kitchen, changing table, tepidarium, playing corner, resting room
  • a 25 meters swimming pool
  • bowling
  • spacious rooms to relax
  • giant sun terrace

*The slides can be used from the shoulder height of 120 cm.

Next to the baby-pool a baby dresser room, a baby-mother room, a baby-warm up room and a baby kitchen equipped with a micro-wave and baby food heater make week days easier.


Adventure and entertainment with no limits:
  • beach pool
  • diving bay
  • 4 course race water slides
  • wave pool
  • 7 giant slides – among which some are quite extreme
  • kids’ adventure pool with pirates’ship and water fortress
  • kids’ adventure pool
  • baby paddling-pool
  • playing grounds, playing fields
  • retro medical water pool
  • sport fields, beach football, beach volleyball, petanque
  • water walking ball (water zorb ball)

Sauna world

Finnish saunas (indoor and outdoor, 95-100 °C, infusion in every half an hour)
In addition to the good atmosphere and reliving stress, saunas have a good impact on the condition of our skin, they train the cardio-vascular system, relax the muscles, help emptying the waste products from our body and last but not least saunas are excellent for regeneration. A regular sauna practice can really make wonders. It is best to relax in silence; meanwhile the heat does the cleaning inside and on the surface of our body.
Soft Sauna

For those who find the classical sauna too hot to bear, the soft saunas can provide a more moderate alternative. Here temperatures range from 55 to 65 °C with higher humidity content. This heat level does not have the effect of putting stress on the heart and this climate can be endured by those with a sensitive skin and unstable circulation. Nevertheless, after twenty minutes it is advisable to take a cold or lukewarm shower. This sauna has an excellent detox and skin cleaning effect.

Steam Baths

The steam bath helps to preserve our health and beauty and also contributes positively to the processes of recuperation and relaxation. In addition to the pleasurable effects, its healing power is also well known. Through the use of the steam bath, asthma, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscle pain and circulatory disorders can be favourably treated. Its use is also recommended in cosmetology especially for those who have a sensitive skin since the heat has the effect of enlarging and cleansing the pores.

Aroma Cabines

Aroma therapy is based on the use of fragrant oils, which exerts its beneficial effects not only by being massaged into the skin but also by the inhalation of its vapours. With the help of these relaxing fragrances (camomile, eucalyptus, lavender) and the pleasant warm temperature, the stress is relieved and insomnia can be reduced. These aromatic oils also serve the improvement of our beauty.

Kneipp Pool
The bottom of the Kneipp Pool is covered by pebbles and the cool water has a refreshing effect during the sauna process and by walking on the round pebbles one can experience a massaging effect on the soles of the feet. The cold water has the effect of stimulating the nervous system through the skin, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our metabolisms on our muscles and also helps us to get rid of the body toxins.



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